Exceptional Oklahoma City event is achievable

Needing to make your upcoming event a success? A laser light show is the answer. Full color lasers add a magical dimension to your production, and make the mundane magnificent. Most people in Oklahoma City typically use ordinary lighting and video – isn’t your special event capable of much more? If you are setting up an art installation, convention, musical performance, trade show, private party or corporate event, we will perfectly integrate a custom laser production into your event. It’s time to crank up the volume of your event in a massive way.

laser lights show in Oklahoma City

Premier Oklahoma City laser professionals

You haven’t seen a laser light show?

What is a laser light show? It is likely the most sharp, bright, colorful and dimensionally intense visual effect you will ever behold. The laser itself is a relatively recent yet miraculous technological invention. It’s a device that projects an extremely concentrated narrow beam of light which gets very bright due to being stimulated byradiation. The color of a laser beam is extraordinarily rich and is more saturated than anything found in nature. Similar to the sun: what is captured of lasers in photos or video pales in comparison to experiencing one in real life. The full grandeur of a laser beam is manifested via fine particles in the air. We typically create and maintain these particles with a haze generator. These constantly moving tiny particles give the laser beams dimension as they fill the entire place with light energy. When lasers are synched up with music and/or other visual stimulus, a laser light show results.

Visual artists like none other

Unlike many other laser firms in Oklahoma City, we are audio visual artists.   The traditional laser show tends to be a garish splatter of laser beams bouncing around wildly – not really connecting or communicating with the audience.   Our specialty is intricate yet elegant laser installations: mixing video projections, custom software, interactive visual effects and LED walls to compose living, breathing pieces of visual art.   Leveraging cutting edge technology like no one else, we resonate with and maximize your message and energy.   Our mastery of visual magic can be exactly tuned to accentuate your key points, to visually intensify your personality.   Each of our laser creations can be synced perfectly with and react to your music, voice, audio, video or even your physical gestures. In our paradigm, magnificent things are possible.

Professionalism, creativity and guaranteed results

No matter how you see your event unfolding, we can help you realize it. Our master laser artists can foster your vision and execute your plan. You’re in good hands – we’ve been producing mind-blowing results for years in Oklahoma City. Take a look at some of our spectacular creations in our photo and video galleries. If you can conceive it, we can create it – guaranteed. Have any questions? Please call us today: 888-995-3742

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We will supply a laser light show in a city near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:
Norman, Edmond, Midwest City, Moore, Yukon, Del City, Shawnee